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Nevis may be smaller and sleepier than its sister isle of St. Kitts, but the capital of Charlestown has a decidedly more elegant and old-fashioned vibe than the rough-and-tumble neighboring capital Basseterre. The local code of conduct seems like something from a bygone era, where everyone smiles and stops to say good morning, afternoon or night, depending on the time of day, and public displays of swearing or complaining are frowned upon.

Walk along Main Street to the waterfront and visit the Museum of Nevis History to learn about the island and its most famous inhabitants, Alexander Hamilton and Horatio Nelson. Along Government Road, you can find a Jewish cemetery with headstones dating from 1684. And just a short walk from downtown takes you to Pinney's Beach, which boasts three miles of soft, palm lined Caribbean sands, along with the Four Seasons Resort and smattering of beach bars.

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