Santa Chiara

Dating back to 1310, Santa Chiara was founded by King Robert of Anjou and his second wife Sancha of Majorca before it was opened for worship 30 years later. Two convents were also built–one for nuns and one for monks.

In the mid-1700s, the church interior was remodeled in Baroque style; however, most of Santa Chiara was destroyed in 1943 during World War II bombings. When it was rebuilt 10 years later, it was returned to its original Gothic style.

The Monumental Complex of St Chiara also includes the Opera Museum, which covers Neapolitan history and also exhibits items that survived the WWII bombings, in addition to an archaeological area. The remains of a Roman spa similar to those of Pomepii and Herculaneum were discovered in the aftermath of the war.

Practical Info

You have to make arrangements in advance, but you can book a guided visit to Santa Chiara. Santa Chiara is located in the square of Gesù Nuovo, which is also home to the Church of Gesù Nuovo.
Adres: Via S. Chiara, 49, Naples, Italy 80134, Italië
Toegang: € 6
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