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Benziger Family Winery

In an era when wineries are fast becoming the sole dominion of large corporations, Benziger Family Winery has distinguished itself by going against the grain and sticking to its familial roots.

Known for being something of a maverick in the Napa wine region, Benziger has strengthened its roots by focusing on quality wines that are organically grown using sustainable farming practices. Family-owned for more than thirty years, Benziger took to sustainable and “green” farming practices back in the 1990’s. Almost as famous for their effective farming methods as for their delicious wines, Benziger offers tours of their “Biodynamic” vineyards via tram – thus offering more, in many ways, than other more traditional wine tours. To visit Benziger Family Winery is to peek into the unique family approach to the craft of winemaking; something that has earned them the lauded title of the 2012 Winery of the Year by Wine and Spirits Magazine.

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