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Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal)

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On the edge of the St Lawrence River, Old Montreal (or Vieux Montréal) is the city’s birthplace with picturesque squares, grand old-world architecture, and a dense concentration of locals and ...  Meer info

Mount Royal

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Montréalers are proud of their "mountain," Mount Royal. Though it's more like a large hill in the heart of Montreal, Mount Royal still draws anyone in search of a little greenery and ...  Meer info

Bonsecours Market

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Bonsecours Market, in Vieux Montreal, is a bustling gallery of shops selling arts and crafts, leather goods and garments. The sprawling 19th century neoclassical building - with its long facade, a ...  Meer info

Underground City

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Montreal’s Underground City (Montréal Souterrain) is the largest underground complex in the world. A labyrinthine maze of downtown tunnels connecting malls and hotels, offices, museums, banks, ...  Meer info

Old Port of Montreal

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The epicenter of the city’s sea trade back in the 17th-century, Montreal’s Old Port lost its role as a trading post in the 1970s, falling temporarily into ruin until a major renovation transformed ...  Meer info

Notre Dame Basilica

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One of Montreal's most enduring symbols, the Notre Dame Basilica occupies a site rich with three centuries of history, with its most recent claim to fame being the baptism of Céline Dion's son. ...  Meer info

Olympic Park

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In Olympic Park vonden de Olympische spelen van 1976 plaats. Tegenwoordig is het een perfecte attractie voor gezinnen, met allerlei bezienswaardigheden en activiteiten. De vier attracties zijn het ...  Meer info