Aquasol Theme Park

The weather in Jamaica is properly Caribbean—hot and sunny with a breeze. This makes hitting the water is a top priority, and if just another day in the sand isn’t going to do it for you, you’re in luck—head to Aquasol Theme Park instead.

Located in fun-loving Montego Bay, Aquasol is a beach-based theme park that offers more than just pristine snorkeling and lazy sunbathing. Visitors can get a thrill on a wild banana boat ride or a jet ski adventure, while others can explore the underwater depths via snorkel or glass-bottomed boat. Those looking for some fun on land can partake in go-karting, tennis, volleyball or table-tennis.

Aquasol Theme Park also has a sports bar in case there’s a game and a beer you just can’t miss. If you’re looking for a fun day in Mo Bay and don’t want to miss the beach, Aquasol is your solution.

Practical Info

Aquasol Theme Park is located at the Walter Fletcher Beach Complex, just a short walk from downtown Montego Bay. There are lockers, changing rooms, bathrooms and internet access for those who should need it.
Adres: Aquasol Theme Park, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Openingstijden: Daily
Toegang: Varies
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