Mexico City Alameda Central

Mexico City Alameda Central was first set aside as public green space in 1592, when Viceroy Luis de Velasco had dozens of alamos, or poplar trees, planted above the city's premier destination. It was not until the late 1700s, however, that it was remodeled to its current glory.

The park was first fitted with five fabulous fountains, each echoing the extravagant tastes of Louis the XIV, the "Sun King" of France, which were then surrounded by suitably posh landscaping. Later, President Porfirio Díaz, well known for his architectural achievements, had the Palacio de Bellas Artes built above the park. Today, it is a popular spot, particularly on weekends, when families gather beneath the spreading trees.

Practical Info

Though there are pricey parking lots close to the Mexico City Alameda Central, this congested central neighborhood is much more easily visited on the metro. Metro Bellas Artes, accessed by lines 2 and 8, opens up right onto the park, while Metro Hidalgo (lines 2 and 3) is right across the street.

Adres: Avenida Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico
Toegang: Free
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