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Leon Trotsky Museum

Located in the Coyoacan borough of Mexico City sits a well-known monument in honor of a government dissenter. The Trotsky Museum honors the famous Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, known for his participation in the Bolshevik Revolution, his distaste for the rich and his adamant disapproval of then-Russian leader Stalin. Trotsky and his family fled to Mexico following a death warrant being issued for him in 1939.

It was here, in this house-turned-museum, that Trotsky spent his final days and survived one assassination attempt before succumbing to a second. Bullet holes from the first attempt are still embedded in the walls, and the rest of the museum also keeps the look and feel of the era when Trosky and his family lived here in exile. The museum includes the house, a garden area and outer walls with a guard tower. The complex was declared a historic monument in 1982, and in 1990, on the 50th anniversary of Trotsky’s assassination.

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