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La Merced Market

One of Mexico City’s main tourist draws are the markets that you’ll find here. Everything from farmer’s markets selling local produce to craft markets where local artisans bring their skilled handiwork – the markets of Mexico City are legendary. And La Merced Market is the king of them all. Located on the eastern edge of the historic center of Mexico, La Merced is the largest retail traditional food market in the city and spans an area of four city blocks and then some.

Established in colonial times, La Merced has always had the corner on the market, so to speak. Once the main marketplace for the entire city, today you’ll find a labyrinthine maze of stalls that sell every type of Mexican foodstuff that you can imagine. Surely a place for the photobook and a sample or two, in the La Merced Market you can find anchos, pasillas, guajillos; fruits, vegetables, chilis, pork, poultry, beef, candy – you get the idea.

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