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Chapultepec Park

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Chapultepec Park, or Grasshopper Hill, is the largest city park in the world, an awesome expanse of greenery marbled with walking paths that meander between quiet ponds, monumental buildings, and a world-class collection of museums. Visitors could enjoy a quiet afternoon in its embrace, surrounded the sidewalk stands, soccer games, and other amusements, or explore the park for months on end, finding something new every day.

The park was probably set aside as green space in the 1300s, but wasn't officially protected until 1428, by King Nezahualcoyotl. The Spanish and Mexican governments have since maintained most of its natural integrity, though they did add aqueducts, palaces and other public spaces within. The most popular attractions include the massive zoo, also founded in the 1400s; the National Museum of Anthropology; La Feria Chapultepec Mágico, a small amusement park; the Ninos Heroes Monument; and the President's mansion at Los Pinos.

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Viator Exclusive: vroege toegang tot het kasteel van Chapultepec plus bezoek aan het Nationaal Antropologisch museum in Mexico-Stad

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Ontloop de drukte tijdens deze tour in de vroege ochtend van het kasteel van Chapultepec en ervaar een van de meest bezochte steden van Mexico-Stad in ...  Meer info

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  • Duur: 5 uur 30 minuten
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Sightseeing in Mexico City

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  • Locatie: Mexico-stad, Mexico
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