Bénitiers Island (L’Ile aux Bénitiers)

The jagged black rocks of the remote island of Benitiers look a bit like the clam shells the stretch of land is named for. Travelers can navigate the crystal clear waters that lap against the shore in one of the small boats that travels between Mauritius and this breathtaking island off the country’s west coast. The shallow sea is almost always calm, and the views of nearby Le Morne are absolutely breathtaking. Plus, it’s even possible to spot dolphins and whales on the scenic trip between the mainland and Benitiers. 

Practical Info

Benitiers Island is accessible only by boat. It is most easily reached from Le Morne, Black River or Case Noyale. Arrive early in the morning or in the late afternoon to avoid the crowds, as the beaches of Benitiers are popular among tourists. 
Adres: Ile aux Bénitiers, Mauritius
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