Dendera (Dandarah)

The main lure at Dendera is the Temple of Hathor, one of the least ancient of ancient Egypt’s glories, main construction being more or less contemporary with the life of Christ, although it was built on much older foundations.

There are fascinating glimpses of the meeting of great civilizations, with a famous wall relief of Cleopatra VII (the Cleopatra of legend) and her son, fathered by Julius Caesar. Other depictions of Roman emperors make this a Who's Who of the ancient world.

Well-preserved remnants in the Dendera complex also include modestly-sized Roman constructions and an early Coptic Christian basilica.

Practical Info

Dendera is on the western shore of the Nile and makes a good day trip from Luxor. Travel by taxi all the way or take the train to the nearby town of Qena, on the eastern shore, and taxi from there. Either option will take about an hour.

Adres: Dendera, Egypte
Openingstijden: Open daily 8am - 4pm (until 5pm in Summer)
Toegang: 35 L.E.
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