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Presidential Palace

Bolivia’s Presidential Palace, or Palacio Quemado, was built in the mid-19th century and has been through a lot, now serving as the official residence of the President of Bolivia. Its name means “Burned Palace,” which originated after the site was set on fire and nearly burned to the ground during an uprising against the president in 1875. Despite the fact that the palace has been rebuilt and redesigned multiple times since, the name just stuck. The inside of Bolivia’s Presidential Palace is neo-classical. Its exterior has brightly painted walls, contrasting white window frames, stately columns, and lengthy balconies. If you look on top of the building, you will see the Bolivian coat of arms and an Andean condor flying above it. The marble staircase inside is nothing short of impressive and leads to important rooms like the President’s office, the Mirrors Halls, the Presidents Hall, Red Hall, and the Presidential bedroom.

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