Uganda Martyrs' Shrine

On June 3, 1886 in the town of Namugongo just northeast of Kampala, 26 young men were burned to death for their refusal to their Anglican and Catholic faiths. The Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine, also called the Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine, was built on the site to commemorate the lives lost and was consecrated by Pope Paul VI in 1969. 

The church, built in the shape of a typical Baganda hut, features 22 copper pillars representing each of the 22 Catholic men, all of whom were formally canonized in 1964, a first in modern Africa. On June 3 each year, Catholic pilgrims from throughout Uganda visit the Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine to pay their respects and attend mass.

Practical Info

You can reach the Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine via public transportation along the road from Kampala to Jinja.
Adres: St Andrew Kaggwa Rd, Kampala, Uganda, Oeganda
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