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Dunn's River Falls

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Dunn's River Falls is a spectacular waterfall near Ocho Rios, where cold mountain water cascades 1,000 feet (300 meters) down naturally terraced steps. Visitors can climb the falls alone or in a ...  Meer info

Nine Mile

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Nine Mile is synonymous with one of Jamaica’s most famous sons, the late great master of reggae Bob Marley. Thanks to guided tours led by Rastafarian guides, you can visit the former home of Bob ...  Meer info

Martha Brae River

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The Martha Brae River is the tranquil home of river rafting in Jamaica, the best way to discover the country's tropical interior. Guided tours include refreshment, lunch and lagoon swim stops, and ...  Meer info

Rose Hall Great House

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Rose Hall, gebouwd in het laatste deel van de 18de eeuw, is het bekendste landgoed van heel Jamaica. Het enorme Georgiaanse huis is het centrale bouwwerk op een plantage van meer dan 26 km2. Het is ...  Meer info

Club Mobay Departure Lounge

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Don’t let your Jamaica vacation end when you get to the airport. Continue the island relaxation and fun by spending your last hours in Jamaica at Club Mobay Departure Lounge in Montego Bay’s ...  Meer info

Cruisehaven Montego Bay

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Montego Bay is de hoofdstad van de regio Saint James en de tweede stad van Jamaica. Als u belastingvrij wilt winkelen is dit daarvoor de juiste plek. Maar ook voor de liefhebber van buitensport ...  Meer info

Seven Mile Beach

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Seven Mile beach is 11 km (6.75 mi) of golden sandy loveliness. It's a paradise setting of azure waters, soft, warm sand and palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze, things you take in all before ...  Meer info

Luminous Lagoon

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The name says it all—located off the bay of Falmouth, the site of Luminous Lagoon becomes illuminated every night seemingly by magic. But there’s no sorcery involved when it comes to this glowing ...  Meer info

Columbus Park

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Legendary explorer Christopher Columbus first trod upon Jamaican soil at Discovery Bay, when he landed here in 1494. Columbus Park commemorates that momentous day in history. The Columbus Museum ...  Meer info

Green Grotto Caves

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Time and tide have etched the limestone Green Grotto Caves, lined with the green algae that gives them their name. The caverns are home to bats and marine life, and over the centuries they’ve been a ...  Meer info

Turtle Beach

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The main beach in Ocho Rios, Turtle Beach, is a crescent of white sand just off Main Street. The white sands stretch along the bay’s east side, overlooked by palm trees and high-rise hotels.  ...  Meer info