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Hamburg Museum

What are the origins of Hamburg, what happened to the Hanseatic League and how did the HafenCity district evolve? All these questions and more are answered in the Hamburg Museum. The museum opened in 1922 as the Museum of Hamburg History and has since been able to amass the largest permanent city exhibition in Germany.

The historical tour of the Hamburg Museum leads from the Middle Ages to the present day, covering how the small fort Hammaburg turned into one of the biggest and most important ports in Europe. Numerous exhibits on shipping, port and emigration, bourgeois home decor, fashion and culture help make the rich history more comprehensive. But apart from the major exhibits covering the past 1,200 years, there are also annual exhibitions, museum festivals, events and Hamburg’s largest model railway to see and attend.

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Met tradities van de stadstaat die eeuwen teruggaan, heeft Hamburg altijd een speciale politieke en culturele rol gespeeld in de geschiedenis van Duitsland. Meer info

  • Locatie: Hamburg, Duitsland
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