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Maya Ruins in Guatemala

Door Viator, February 2018

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Tikal is undoubtedly the most well-known Mayan site in Guatemala. It attracts travelers from Mexico and Belize who sometimes plan a visit to the country just to see Tikal. There are more than 3,000 structures at Tikal, many of which were built around 700 A.D., which is believed to be the height of the Maya culture. Tikal was once home to over 100,000 inhabitants and extends over six miles, comprised of temples, ceremonial platforms, palaces, ball courts, steam baths and more.

Situated halfway between Tikal and the Belize border, the archeological site of Yaxha achieved international fame after it was utilized as the filming location for the television show Survivor in 2005. It is third largest Mayan site in Guatemala, after Tikal and El Mirador, with over 500 structures. Aguateca dates back to the Mayan Classic Period and is one of the best-preserved and restored Mayan ruins in Guatemala.

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