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Santorini’s main town perches on the cliff top overlooking the caldera, with better daytime views than Oia and twinkling night-time vistas. Fira swarms ...  Meer info


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The Parthenon (Parthenonas), one of the world's most famous buildings, represents a high point in ancient Greek architecture. Built around 440 BC, the ...  Meer info


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Delphi is de op een na belangrijkste archeologische plek in Griekenland (na het Acropolis in Athene). In de oudheid werd Delphi beschouwd als de plek waar ...  Meer info

Santorini Volcano

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The volcanic eruption of Thira that put an end to the thriving Minoan civilization was so cataclysmic, it may have spawned the legend of Atlantis. The ...  Meer info

Acropolis (Akropolis)

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The Acropolis (Akropolis) means 'city on a hill' and dates from the 5th century BC. Dominated by its main temple, the Parthenon, the Acropolis can be seen ...  Meer info


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Meteora, in central Greece, is a place of natural beauty and man-made wonder. The huge natural rock towers are home to cliff-top monasteries built by Eastern ...  Meer info


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If you came to Santorini for the sunsets, the town of Oia is where you want to be when the sun sinks towards the horizon to such glorious effect. Perched ...  Meer info

Palace of Knossos

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The best place to capture the mystery and magic of Crete’s ancient Minoan civilization is the ruins of Knossos, just outside Heraklion. The secrets of this ...  Meer info


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Archaeological buffs and lovers of legends mustn’t miss the trip to the sacred island of Delos. On Delos, the archaeological jewel of the Cyclades, you can ...  Meer info


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Thessaloniki is Greece’s second city, tucked away on the northeastern coast of the country; the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Turks and Jews all passed through ...  Meer info


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Santorini is among the best-known Greek islands, mainly for its natural beauty. Santorini is all clear ocean, white-walled buildings and blue-domed churches.  ...  Meer info

Agora van Athene

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De beroemde Agora van Athene is het politieke en sociale hart van de oude stad Athene. De Agora, of Forum van Athene, is de belangrijkste archeologische plek ...  Meer info

Benaki Museum

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The Benaki Museum competes with the Acropolis Museum and National Museum of Archaeology as one of the top three museums in Athens. It was established in 1930 ...  Meer info

Piraeus Cruise Port

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A hugely important historical port in Greece, Piraeus is also one of the largest in the Mediterranean. A full-on city, Piraeus is a great place to go ...  Meer info


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De stad Korinthe, aan de noordzijde van het schiereiland Peloponnesos, ligt op de grens tussen het schiereiland en het Griekse vasteland. Het was ooit een ...  Meer info