Baie Rouge

One of the most famous but under-visited beaches in St Maarten, Baie Rouge (Red Beach) is picturesque with its signature red sand and rock formations. 

Found in the Lowlands area of the country, these shores are in a neighborhood residential area, which means it remains relatively quiet. It also sits between two rocky bluffs that seclude the serene area. At the edge of the beach, young people are often found jumping off the rocks into the sea, while others don snorkel gear to head out looking for fish. On the half-mile-long strip of sand, it is common to see topless sunbathers out enjoying the weather.

Practical Info

Baie Rouge is accessible via car by way of Rue de Terres Basses; there is a well-signed parking lot. The nearest town is Marigot, and amenities can be found there.
Adres: Baie Rouge, St Maarten
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