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Dracula's Haunted House

There’s something mildly disconcerting about riding in an elevator called “Death Wish.” Or encountering a bleeding, gut-stained lifeguard who’s been mauled by a Great White Shark. These are just two of the spooky encounters inside Dracula’s Haunted House—a state of the art, house of horrors on Queensland’s bustling Gold Coast. Beginning in the depths of “The Underworld,” the path leads up to “The Phobia Level” where your biggest fears come true—including walking through a spider’s nest and crawling through pitch-black tunnels. Be sure to keep your head on a swivel for rogue, sneak attack zombies, and never has it felt so scary and unnatural to crawl through a human being. In total, this haunted house is about 20 minutes of non-stop nightmares and screams—unless your fears get the best of you and you sprint for the nearest door. Definitely not for the faint of the heart—and enter here if you dare.

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  • Locatie: Gold Coast, Australië
  • Duur: Verschilt
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