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Island Hopping in the Galapagos

Door Viator, February 2018

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So varied is the native wildlife of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands that it inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection and the 19 main islands and numerous smaller isles present a unique microcosm of the world’s spectacularly diverse creatures. Watch sea turtles hatch on the beaches of Seymour Island, snorkel amidst shoals of tropical fish, shellfish and sharks off the shore of Bartolome Island, or visit La Galapaguera, home of the Galápagos Tortoise on Floreana Island.

Most travelers will fly into the main airport of Baltra but to get around the islands, you’ll need to pre-book a tour by boat or seaplane. The easiest way to explore is on a multi-day island cruise, but if you’d prefer to sleep on dry land, day tours and multi-day island-hopping tours will allow you to get off-the-beaten-track while staying overnight on the 4 inhabited islands.

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