Hollywood Beach

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Los Angeles isn’t the only place with a famous Hollywood. In Florida, Hollywood is known for its gorgeous stretch of coastline, vibrant boardwalk and people watching. When visiting the area, you can lay down a towel on the soft sand of Hollywood Beach or rent a bike to coast down the boardwalk framing the gorgeous stretch of sand.

The boardwalk is what Hollywood Beach is most famous for. Called the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, it stretches down the coast for two and a half miles and is made up of brick stones in varying shades of red. Walkers, joggers, bikers and rollerbladers are all welcome to cruise down the boardwalk at their own pace while being inches from the white sand beach and the aqua sea water beyond it. 

Numerous seaside restaurants and a couple of family-friendly parks can be found along Hollywood Beach Boardwalk and there are often free concerts at the Hollywood Beach Theatre. Those wanting to just relax can find a spot on the soft sand of Hollywood Beach underneath the shade of a palm tree. 
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