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Edinburgh Dungeon

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Lovers of spooky kitsch, you have discovered your Mecca. The history on which these gruesome attractions of Edinburgh Dungeon are based - hangings at the Grassmarket, Plague victims abandoned to die - may be real, but the treatment, complete with actor-led 'experiences' and rides, is true theater.

Descend into the bowels of the place and be confronted by ghosts, dodge grave-snatchers and cannibals, witness the drawing and quartering of William Wallace, creep into a 19th-century autopsy room with fresh plundered cadavers and even experience the thrill of your own hanging - as many times as you like! Teenagers will love it, but keep the little ones at home.

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Vermijd de wachtrijen! Koop uw kaartje voor de kerkers van Edinburgh een ruime tijd van tevoren zodat u de wachtrijen kunt overslaan en directe toegang hebt. ...  Meer info

  • Locatie: Edinburgh, Verenigd Koninkrijk
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