Morne Bruce

On the southeast edge of Dominica’s capital Roseau, the small mountain Morne Bruce rises from the backside of the Dominica Botanical Gardens. From the top of Morne Bruce you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Roseau and western coastline, with the islands signature steep, verdant slopes plunging into the blue Caribbean Sea. It’s a relatively short, through steep, walk to the top of the small mountain, but it’s also accessible by car if you’re unable to make the hike. A trip up Morne Bruce in the late afternoon is the perfect way to cap off a day in Dominica. You can sit near the cross that adorns the hilltop and watch the sun dip slowly into the sea.

Practical Info

To visit Morne Bruce, head to the Dominica Botanical Gardens, which sits just across Valley Rd. from Windsor Park Stadium. The trail to the top, called Jack’s Trail, can be reached from the east gate of the gardens. 
Adres: Roseau, Dominica
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