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Cycladen (eilanden)


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Santorini’s main town perches on the cliff top overlooking the caldera, with better daytime views than Oia and twinkling night-time vistas. Fira swarms with holidaymakers and cruise visitors, so ...  Meer info

Santorini Volcano

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The volcanic eruption of Thira that put an end to the thriving Minoan civilization was so cataclysmic, it may have spawned the legend of Atlantis. The explosion occurred around 3600 years ago, ...  Meer info


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Archaeological buffs and lovers of legends mustn’t miss the trip to the sacred island of Delos. On Delos, the archaeological jewel of the Cyclades, you can see firsthand where the ancients lived and ...  Meer info


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If you came to Santorini for the sunsets, the town of Oia is where you want to be when the sun sinks towards the horizon to such glorious effect. Perched on the steep edge of the caldera, with ...  Meer info

Archeologisch museum Delos

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In de oude Griekse mythologie was het kleine eiland Delos, dat onderdeel is van de Cycladen, de geboorteplaats van Apollo en zijn tweelingzus Artemis. Als dank voor hun veilige komst op aarde ...  Meer info

Mykonos Cruise Port

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Known world-over for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and booming nightlife, Mykonos is a favorite amongst visitors on the Greece leg of their Mediterranean tour. With a load of wonderful beaches to park ...  Meer info

Santorini Cruise Port

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One of the most memorable places in Greece, the volcanic island of Santorini - located in the Cyclades group - is a spectacular Mediterranean paradise known for its dazzling views, fine beaches and ...  Meer info