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The origins of Cavtat stretch right back to ancient Greek times before it came under Roman rule in 228 BC. The area was then destroyed in the 7th century AD when its inhabitants fled to a nearby island and eventually founded the city of Dubrovnik. By the 15th century, a new settlement began growing here, and today Cavtat is a small seaside town tucked on a peninsula between two bays, with lush vegetation and plenty sandy beaches at Zal, just east of the town.

Long the preserve of wealthy citizens of Dubrovnik who built their vacation retreats here, Cavtat only hit the international tourist scene after the 1990s war. Vast super-yachts now jostle with local fishing boats in its harbor, and souvenir stores and sleek restaurants have sprung up all along its cute seafront promenade. Art galleries now line the flower-filled alleyways of the medieval town as well.

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