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3 Days in Chiclayo: Suggested Itineraries

Door Viator, February 2015

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Even the shortest visit to Chiclayo should begin with the most famous sites. This area is known for its archaeological wealth (both literally as well figuratively), and many of the region’s most fascinating sites lie north in the Lambayeque Valley. Before the desert sun gets too hot, spend the morning touring the pyramids at the sprawling ruins of Túcume. Once sufficiently humbled by the size of Túcume, head over to the town of Lambayeque to tour the Royal Tombs Museum of Sipan.

Start the day off at Mercado Modelo in the city center of Chiclayo, making time for the Witch’s Market and its mysterious shamans and healers. Then head north again to Batán Grande and the dryland Pomac Forest to walk beneath the shade of carob trees between the remains of eroded pyramids.

For as organized and clean as museums can be for showcasing historical finds, nothing beats walking the grounds where the treasure was originally pulled from the ground.

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