Auroville was birthed in the late 1960s by Mirra Alfassa, known to her followers as The Mother, as a universal town where unity and spirituality would be celebrated. Today, the town has a population of over 2,000 people from 45 different countries and a range of age groups, backgrounds and social classes.

At the center of Auroville sits Matrimandir, the gold-domed Temple of the Mother, where residents come to meditate. The Auroville Visitors Centre offers an introductory video about the project, and travelers willing to spend more than a day passing through can sign up to participate in meditation, yoga, dance, martial arts and inner healing workshops. Many projects happening around town welcome volunteers, some for as little as a day and others for a week or month at a time.

Practical Info

Auroville welcomes the most tourists from December to February. While this means a wider variety of available activities, it also means that guesthouses will be booked, so make your plans well in advance.

Adres: Auroville, India
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