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Pacific Coast Highway

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Also known as State Route 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH, runs north-south along most of the United States Pacific Coast. The California stretch is known for its endless scenic locales, making it one of the nation’s most popular road trip routes.

Segments of Highway 1 vary greatly. In some locations it can be a twisting, slow-moving two-lane road, while in other spots, the PCH is and moves like a freeway. As a general rule, speed is not the highway’s strength, which goes hand-in-hand with its scenery, leading many drivers to happily roll along at a slower pace. From beaches to mountains and forests, just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new appears. At some points, little separates the road from dropping into the Pacific below, so be prepared for major coastal views.

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Trip naar Muir Woods en Sausalito met hop-on hop-off bus

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De wereldberoemde sequoia's gevonden in Noord-Californië zijn de hoogste bomen ter wereld. Ze zijn een magische aanblik om te zien op een plaats genaamd ...  Meer info

  • Locatie: San Francisco, Californië
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