Lujan Zoo

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This world-famous zoo located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the “extreme petting zoo.” That’s because Lujan Zoo breaks down barriers between humans and animals by getting them up close and extremely personal with some of the world’s wildest cats and biggest beasts. 

Fearless visitors can ride on the backs of lions, pet giant elephants, feed grapes to grizzly bears, and even toss slabs of meat to cheetahs. And while this may sound like risky business, the zoo hasn’t reported any tourist casualties since it opened its doors in 1994. Travelers love the incredible photo ops that come from nuzzling up with the King of the Jungle or bottle feeding baby lion cubs, and agree that it’s worth the price of admission for a one of a kind experience.
Adres: Acesso Oeste, Km 58, Lujan, Argentina, Argentinië
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