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Oahu Day Trips From the Big Island

Door Viator, January 2018

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The Big Island is beautiful, no doubt about it. All the natural wonders of Hawaii are encapsulated in its blue water boundaries. But Hawaii is no ordinary island chain. The beauty of this archipelago is that each island is distinct and unique in its own way, so if your trip to the Big Island is leaving you with a twinge of that adventurer’s spirit - the wonder to discover what is over that next horizon - consider a day trip to lovely Oahu. For the history buff, the mere mention of Pearl Harbor is likely to inspire thrills and mental imagery. Consider then, a patriotic and historical ride through the historical sites of nearby Oahu. Traveling from Kona to Pearl Harbor, you’ll explore the site of the Japanese attack which prompted the US to enter WWII, the iconic Arizona Memorial floating astride the sunken battleship Arizona and established to honor the American soldiers lost on that fateful day, and the last battleship built by the US (the USS Missouri). All this before setting off to

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Dagtrip naar Oahu naar Pearl Harbor vanaf het Grote Eiland

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Deze historische dagtrip vanaf het Grote Eiland Hawaï naar Pearl Harbor op Oahu voert u op een patriottische reis van de plek van de Japanse aanval op ...  Meer info

  • Locatie: Kona, Hawaï
  • Duur: 14 uur
  • Taal: Engels
Van USD 480,71