St George's

St George’s is a city in Bermuda that is a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its colonial buildings that have changed very little in the past 100 years. St George’s was the part of Bermuda originally discovered by Britain after a ship sailing for Jamestown, Virginia was caught in a storm and washed ashore onto what is now St George’s in 1609. The ship eventually continued to the island but not before leaving behind a few members of the crew to stake claim to the island.

The main charm of St George’s comes from ambling through the streets of the old town and feeling like you’ve been transported back to another era. St George’s also has some top sites to see, including St Peter’s Church, the oldest Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere; Fort St Catherine, which at one time helped defend Bermuda from intruders and today houses a history museum; King’s Square, which still has stocks, pillory and a whipping post that was used to punish criminals hundreds of years ago; and Town Hall, a must-see for those interested in the law and government.

Practical Info

St George’s is located on a harbor in the upper east corner of Bermuda. It can be visited via ferry from Hamilton or the Dockyard, or via land by crossing Castle Harbour via the Causeway and St George’s Harbor along Mullet Bay Road. 
Adres: St. George's, Bermuda
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