Juno Beach Center

As even those with a passing knowledge of WWII knows, there were several countries involved in the events of D-Day along the coast of Normandy. And as such, the WWII battle sites, memorials, and cemeteries honor each of the Allies' efforts, struggles, and successes in their own way. 

The Juno Beach Center is Normandy's only Canadian museum, and as such is focused on the heroism displayed by the Canadian military and civilians alike. It's located in Courseulles-sur-Mer, roughly a half-hour from the popular tourist base of Bayeux. Note that it is closed for the month of January.

Its maple leaf-inspired architecture is entered after passing by a stirring memorial positioned at the location of an original German bunker. Inside, the permanent exhibit takes visitors through the events of D-Day, the Canadian role, how Canada came into the war to begin with, and great information about the Canada of yesterday and today. In addition, there is a temporary exhibition space that covers various facets of the war, including a full-immersion experience into the life of Canadians, the citizens of Normandy, and Germans during WWII.

There are many elements of the Juno Beach Center that are specifically geared towards children, so it's a good family-friendly activity that helps young ones to understand the war in a way that will keep them interested through additional tours of Normandy battle sites and memorials. 

Guided tours are given by young Canadian interns, bringing a fresh perspective to what many people may feel is too far in the past to be interesting. It's run under the auspices of the Juno Beach Centre Association, a Canadian non-profit organization.
Adres: Voie des Français Libres, Courseulles-sur-Mer, France 14470, Frankrijk
Openingstijden: Feb, Nov-Dec 10am-5pm; Mar, Oct 10am-6pm; Apr-Sep 9:30am-7pm; closed January
Toegang: Adults 7Euro
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