Mount Agung

Hikers love the challenging mountain trails of Mount Agung, the tallest active volcano in Bali. Its most popular routes—one starting from Besakih, and the other from Pura Pasa Agung—take trekkers through mountain temples and truly rugged terrain. Loose pebble paths and steep cliffs end with epic views of Bali countryside, and a view that visitors argue may be the best place to watch the sunrise in the country.  

Guides are recommended—as well as sturdy hiking boots and a warm coat—since navigating the daylong hikes on these uneven vertical trails can be difficult. And with no water along the routes, following an expert beats getting lost. 

Practical Info

Mount Agung is located about an hour from Sanur. The trek from Pura Pasa Agung is considered more difficult, as ropes and additional equipment are needed to tackle rocky points in the higher elevation. Hikers on this trail tend to depart around 2:30 a.m. to arrive at the apex in time for sunset. 
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