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Manukau Heads Lighthouse

When it comes to the waters surrounding Auckland, popular Waitemata Harbor tends to get all the attention. This is probably because it fronts the city and is lined with sailboats and yachts, but many visitors aren’t even aware that Auckland has a second harbor. Forming the city’s southern boundary, Manukau Harbor is the industrial cousin to flashy Waitemata.

While the cargo ships don’t have the same charm as ferries to wine covered islands, there are still places in Manukau Harbor with beauty its neighbor can’t match. One such spot is the Manukau Heads Lighthouse, a lonely outpost at the harbor entrance facing the Tasman Sea. Originally constructed in 1874, the lighthouse is one of a handful in New Zealand where it’s still possible to scale the steps and stand in the lightkeeper’s den. Unfortunately, the lighthouse was erected a few years too late, as 11 years prior, in 1863, the HMS Orpheus ran aground on a nearby Manukau reef.

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