Meserani Snake Park

Traveler to Meserani Snake Park can feed baboons, hold wild tortoises and get up close with dozens of slithering snakes. Expert guides explain the difference between each of the species protected at Meserani and explore the necessary steps to protect people from their poison.

In addition to lethal black mamba, spitting cobras and the impressive African python, Meserani Snake Park is also home to monitor lizards, crocodiles and other reptiles. Travelers can wander the grounds, explore the exhibits, and even venture to the nearby clinic that provides free medical services to the Maasai people. A popular cultural museum offers an opportunity to learn more about this iconic culture and the festive Snake Park Bar is a perfect spot to sip a cool drink and catch some serious shade after a day under the African sun.

Practical Info

Meserani is located 25 kilometers west of Arusha, heading towards the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. Travelers recommend spending at least an hour on the grounds, though campsites, food and other services are available for those looking to have a longer stay. 
Adres: Arusha, Tanzania
Openingstijden: Daily 7:30am-6pm
Toegang: $10
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