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History-rich cities are plentiful in Spain, but Andalucia’s Cadiz has more than just a far-reaching past; it is believed to be the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the nation. Founded by the Phoenicians, the city – which sits on an island-like peninsula -- has been occupied by Romans, Moors and Christians, and has a host of lingering sights that live on to prove it.

Take a dive into Cadiz’s history as you get lost in the tangle of alleys and plazas that make up its water-surrounded old town. There, you can discover vestiges of the past, found in the remnants of the former city wall, while spying the time-weathered steps of the Roman theater, or as you take in views from the 18th-century Torre Tavira, once the official watch tower of Cadiz. No doubt the most emblematic of the city’s sights, though, is the golden-roofed, multi-styled Cadiz Cathedral, which, along with its towers, dominates the waterside skyline.

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