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Peruvian Amazon

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Covering over half of the country, yet home to a mere 5% of its population, the Peruvian Amazon is Peru’s most precious natural asset, a vast wilderness of lush rainforest and indigenous lands stretching east of the Andes Mountains.

Peru’s principal ‘Gateway to the Amazon’ is the northern town of Iquitos and its location on the banks of the mighty Amazon River makes it a popular starting point for multi-day river cruises and river activities like canoeing, piranha fishing or swimming with pink river dolphins. From here, it’s possible to cruise all the way to Manaus in Brazil, stopping along the way to visit tribal villages, trek through the jungle or sleep out in an Amazon eco-lodge.

The southern region of the Peruvian Amazon is also prime ground for wildlife spotting and home to a burgeoning eco-tourism industry, a colorful array of bird life and everything from howler monkeys to tapir prowling through the jungle.

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