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Amazon Rainforest

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Trying to fathom the Amazon’s size is a lesson in mental futility. You can read all the Amazon stats that you want—like the fact that the Amazon has more acres of land than China or India have people, or that 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced from the Amazon’s trees—but until you float down the Rio Negro and stare at the sea of green, or look out the window on a flight to Manaus at the endless landscape of trees, stats and figures about the mighty Amazon are only numbers on a page.

That all changes when you first catch sight of the Amazon’s muddy waters and realize how much of this liquid snake there really is to see. There are forests that teem with native wildlife and canopies alive in birdsong, and remote areas where indigenous tribes have yet to even be found. Granted, nearly all recreational visitors to the Amazon will stay pretty close to Manaus, where the chance of seeing jaguars and lost tribes is admittedly pretty slim.

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Survivaltocht door het Amazoneregenwoud vanuit Manaus

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Test uw overlevingsskills op deze begeleide tour door het Amazoneregenwoud vanuit Manaus! Terwijl u zich door het weelderige regenwoud begeeft, leert u van uw ...  Meer info

  • Locatie: Manaus, Brazilië
  • Duur: 5 uur
  • Taal: Engels
Van USD 137,00

Boottocht over de Rio Negro naar de Amazone vanuit Manaus

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Op deze dagtrip vanuit Manaus vaart u over de Rio Negro naar Encontro das Águas, de plek waar de Rio Negro en de Amazone elkaar ontmoeten. U zult versteld ...  Meer info

  • Locatie: Manaus, Brazilië
  • Duur: 8 uur
  • Taal: Engels
Van USD 110,00